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Payment Terminal E-Operator

Payment Terminal E-Operator

GMT  многофункциональный программный комплекс для проведения платежей и выплат через терминал с поддержкой on-line и off-line приема, единого учета и обработки ставок на исходы событий биржевой и внебиржевой торговли, а также визуализации процесса принятия ставок, получения результата и расчета выигрышей.


The purpose of the system

Increasing the speed of calculations and providing customers with a convenient and fast way of dealing with individual accounts.
The software performs a full cycle of automatic payment processing, has intuitive user interface.

The complex contains transactional applications for interaction with external systems and can be embedded in the software of self-service payment terminals. Interaction between the internal elements of the system is based on XML technologies. Interaction with external systems is based on the TCP/IP technology, and is adapted to the internal standards of operators and the required protocols.

Supported devices:

  • The bill acceptor
  • Bar code scanner
  • Printer
  • Dispenser
  • Card reader
  • Touch screen


  • Occupies 1 sq.m.;
  • Self-service;
  • Instant making of a payment to the account;
  • Cash payment;
  • Different ways of user authentication;
  • Round-the-clock operation;
  • The absence of the "human" factor reduces the probability of errors in the making of payments and cashing in;
  • On-line terminal supervision.

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