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GameMenu is a system of multifunctional business dealing with organizing the work of Internet rooms with electronic versions of slot, poker and roulette. The mathematic model of GameMenu games corresponds to the original games.


GameMenu Project

GameMenu is a system of multifunctional business dealing with organizing the work of Internet rooms with electronic versions of slot, poker and roulette. The mathematic model of GameMenu games corresponds to the original games.

General questions and answers

Question: How can I get help?
Answer: If you need help, you can contact Users Support Service that works 24/7. It takes not more than 5 minutes to react to the occurred problems and solve them.

Question: What are the basic opportunities of the system?
Answer: The GameMenu system provides its users with a great number of functions. It allows to monitor rooms, slot machines and users in online mode. It provides tools for analyzing and managing data and many other functions. You can find more information by contacting our Users Support Service.

Question: What are the principle advantages of the GameMenu?
Answer: Services reliably work 24 hours, 7 days per week. Problems are solved within 6 minutes. We offer support from a qualified group of technical engineers, flexible customizable system architecture, various methods of connecting gamers to the club and system administrating, return rate setting individually for each game, easiness of setting and using, free trial version. You can find more information by contacting our Users Support Service working 24/7.

Question: Is it difficult to master the system?
Answer: It does not require special efforts to launch and manage the room functioning. The system is managed with the aid of the software with a clear interface. The system has all necessary tools for simple and convenient work. The system package includes all documentation related to setting and servicing the product. Specialists of Support Service are always ready to answer any quesiton you have.

Question: Where can I learn more about GameMenu?
Answer: You can find out more about GameMenu at our website

Technical questions

The system architecture has a modular structure that allows to include one or several independent rooms. Rights, access control and system settings are regulated. Integration with the source of external events, such as market quotations, currency rates, rotating drums, etc. for betting and lottery projects is available

Question: What set of games does GameMenu provide?
Answer: The system includes several games sets. You can learn more by contacting our Sales Department.

Question: What are the advantages of the mathematical model of GameMenu games?
Answer: The mathematical model of the GameMenu games corresponds to the original games. They include perfect graphics and setting an efficient factor rate. The set of games and bonus programs constantly changes and increases.

Question: How is the system managed?
Answer: The system can be administrated using one of two variants: via GameMenu Management desktop module and GameMenu web-System web module. The modules provide separate access to functions.

Question: Can I perform centralized control over independent rooms?
Answer: Yes, it is possible to unite rooms groups to be managed by a single manager (administrator).

Question: What are the ways of connecting gamers to the club?
Answer: Gamers can be connected to the Internet club (Internet room). In this case game modules are installed on home computers of gamers.

Question: What platforms and browsers does the GameMenu support?
Answer: The GameMenu system is supported by all basic browsers (however, Chrome web browser is recommended) and works on various hardware platforms managed by Windows, Linux and Apple. Developers take into account the differences between the platforms and browsers options. Besides, finger contact/lams are supported via GSIOC USB controller and are compliant with the touch screen.

Question: I have already got a business. Can I also connect GameMenu?
Answer: Yes, you can. The system supports the integration to the existing Internet clubs and payment systems.

Question: Should I use more memory, a more powerful processor or video card for my computer?
Answer: It is not necessary as the system can be launched on a standard PC. Besides, there is support of the touch screen, game control panel and card reader (used in the system of magnetic cards).

Question: Does the system provide any reporting information?
Answer: The GameMenu includes a module of financial and statistical reporting. Besides, it is possible to implement various reporting forms and monitoring at the Customer’s request. For all questions please contact our Users Support Service.

Question: How does it interrelate with other products of the company?
Answer: The distribution kit includes Mifare 1K smart cards meant for authorizing clients’ servicing in BingoBet, FastBetSys, GameMenu, G-Box systems as well as in АWP (Automated Workplace) of the personnel.

Commercial terms and conditions of supply

The range of our services includes the ones from renting a room to the sale of the whole system. You can learn what is included in the supply package except receiving the goods by contacting our Users Support Service.

Question: How much does it cost?
Answer: To launch the room and make it function, it is not required to install special and expensive solutions. Contact Sales Department on issues related to the price and purchase.

Question: Can I download a free trial version?
Answer: Yes, you can. We know how difficult it is sometimes to make the right decision. That’s why in order to get a free trial version, send your request to the Sales Department: [email protected].

Question: How much time will it take to install and set the system?
Answer:It will take not more than 2 hours to set your business by our specialists.

Question: What does the system package consists of?
Answer: The GameMenu system to be supplied includes:

  • Game module installed in gamers’ computers;
  • GameMenu Management desktop module for local and GameMenu Web-System web module for remote administrating of the system and monitoring of the clubs work online;
  • E-Operator Terminal, program module based on self-service payment terminals.

Question: Can the GameMenu be integrated with payment terminals?
Answer: The delivery kit includes the Терминал E-Operator software module based on self-service payment terminals. The terminal allows to accept payments, disburse money and receive information about the account.

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