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Bookmaker suite FastBetSys (FBS) is an automatic system with following main features:

  • bet reception
  • centralized accounting
  • visualization of making a bet and getting a result
  • win payment in bookmaker clubs


System advantages

  • Licensed gambling business, allowed in the Russian Federation outside of the gambling zones
  • Effective solution for dynamically developing business:
    • High profitability
    • ease of setting and launching the system
    • easy management
  • Attractive solution for the participants of the betting:
    • Fascinating process of participation in the betting
    • Possibility of betting every three seconds
    • Flexible game content
    • Selection of different visualization modes
  • Permanent development and improvement of the system
  • Round-the-clock technical support

Bookmaking Club equipment

  • Automated Workstations (AWS) - an application designed for the system business processes’ management. The system is operated in a multi-user mode with separated access to functions and data.
  • Betting terminals - provide visitors with participation in the betting, provide the process of placing a bet and visualize betting and drawing process in a fun and entertaining way.
  • Visualization panels - plasma or LCD-panels, displaying information about the progress and results of events.

Main club staff positions

Administrator ARM allows you to:

  • Create and configure betting clubs (Game Rooms)
  • Create and manage user accounts
  • Control terminals and visualization plugins
  • Generate different gambling modes.

Manager APM allows you to:

  • Manage Bookmaking Club cash-desks
  • Generate required business reports

Cashier ARM allows you to:

  • Create identification cards of visitors and user accounts
  • Implement financial operations with the participants, printing out necessary documents
  • Perform credit and debit cash transactions
  • Create daily cashier reports
  • Review the list and the state of user accounts, the history of betting and payouts to participants

"Central Office" Module

"Central office" is provided with software for the effective control, statistical data aggregation and analysis of the system.

Processing center

Informational and technological interaction between the organizer and the participant is supported by the processing center - a high-tech software system, providing a high level of safety, and full automation of transactional and financial control.

Hardware and technical requirements




Staff Automated Workstations (AWS) Office PC (not less than Intel Atom processor 1.7GHz, RAM 1024 MB)
Card reader RFID Stronglink SL500 or Z2 (optional)
ОС Windows XP/Vista/7
.NET Framework4.0
"FBS.Manager (FBSM)" programme
Betting terminals Options:
1. The MSI Wind top AE2050 (AMD E-350 1.6GHz, 2GB RAM, 160GB HD, integrated video adapter 128MB)
2. The system block minimum Intel Atom processor 1.7GHz, RAM 2GB, integrated video adapter - 128MB. Recommended screen resolution minimum 1280x1024
*«Betting terminal» boots and functions from a 4 GB flash drive
ОС Windows XP/Vista/7
Linux Ubuntu 9 / 10
"FBS.Terminal (FBST)" programme
Visualization panels System block minimal requirements: Intel Atom 1,7GHz; 1GB of RAM
* «Visualization Module» boots and functionsfrom a 2 GB flash drive
ОС Linux
"FBS.Monitor (FBSV)" programme
Minimal Internet channel bandwidth is 50 kbit/sec per one computer in the game room computer network, and minimal response time of the server (ping) is not more than 100 msec. The total amount of data loss should not exceed 1%.

If all hardware requirements are met, the system installation takes minimum of time and effort. Each step of the installation is followed by detailed instructions.

The scheme of the system components’ interaction


GamingSoft company provides technical support

GamingSoft company provides technical support throughout all the period of FBS use, 24/7. We provide a high level of service - having installed FBS, you get access to the resource, hosting the latest system information updates, technical documentation, user manuals, step by step instructions, FBS software installation and updating files.

A new approach to technical support improves the quality and efficiency of the FBS system service. It allows you to manage the system independently.

Terms of cooperation

Only for official PPS and bookmaking license holders – 15%

Bookmaking terminal

Пари Супер Экспресс


Пари Экспресс


Визуализация Пари


Пример Сервисного режима


Режим Ставки Экспресс (результат)


Bookmaking club control screens

Главное меню Кассира


Меню по участнику


Модуль визуализации


Операция Инкассация


Пример отчетной формы


Форма Закрытие Операционного дня


Форма Информация по карте


To order CloudBetSys

To make the order:

[email protected]

Technical support:

[email protected]

It is also possible to ask a question on the
(the "consultant" tab in the right part of the screen).

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